British city recognizes a nation that doesn’t exist

by Avi Abelow

There is a nation that doesn’t exist. They are called the “Palestinian” people. There is also a country that doesn’t exist. It is called “Palestine.”

The Nation That Doesn’t Exist

The British city of Sheffield decided to recognize a nation that doesn’t exist. They raised a “Palestinian” flag. The Sheffield Labor Friends of Palestine gathered 20,000 signatures calling for the city council to acknowledge “Palestine.”

There are many problems with this. One problem is that “Palestine” does not exist. The area of land that the “Palestinians” claim to be their own is called Israel. And it has belonged to the Jewish nation for thousands of years. Only recently have the “Palestinians” even called themselves that and decided to name a non-existent state.

Siding with Terrorism

Another major problem with Sheffield deciding to recognize a non-existent country and nation is that they are siding with terrorism. The “Palestinian” flag stands for nothing more than terror. It stands for the call to murder the entire Jewish people and obliterate the state of Israel. Their leadership calls for it even! So, what are these 20,000 people standing for? What did the city council choose to proudly recognize? The right for “Palestinian” terrorists to murder Jewish people and take over a land which does not belong to the so-called “Palestinians” and NEVER has! Does the city council of Sheffield even realize they are stomping on democracy (Israel) and siding with terrorism (“Palestinians”)?

What a shameful gesture this is.

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