Britain finally stands up for Israel at the Human Rights Council, sort of

by Avi Abelow

The United Nations Human Rights Council prefers to ostracize Israel all the time instead of actually standing up for human rights. Boris Johnson, Foreign Minister of Britain, finally acts. But not enough.

Boris Johnson

“This council has given a voice to people who otherwise would have suffered in silence. Britain considers this council (the Human Rights Council) to be part of the rules-based international system in which we believe and strive to protect.”

“We share the view a dedicated agenda item focused solely on Israel is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace. Unless things change, we shall move next year to vote against all (Human Right Council) resolutions introduced under item 7.”

Our question to Britain and Boris Johnson is as follows. Why only next year? If the Human Rights Council is acting wrong now, then stop voting now!!! Why wait until next year? How serious and principled a threat is that?

Following the lead of the United States

The statement of Boris Johnson,  Foreign Minister of Britain, is clearly a response to the move by the United States.  The United States has chosen to take a stand, and Britain has chosen to follow – at least partially.

This is another foreign policy victory for the Trump administration.  The UN, North Korea…Is Russia or China next?

Whether or not one agrees with Donald Trump’s foreign policies, he certainly has been an assertive President.  He has made bold moves on nearly every front that he has confronted.  At this point, it is a rather sound argument to say that he is restoring the leadership of the United States on the world stage.



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