Bill Gates’ plan to fight COVID-19 threatens civil liberties

by Phil Schneider

The Covid-19 pandemic threat is an unprecedented crisis. Laura Ingraham believes that the big issue now is the threat to our civil liberties. Is she right? Bill Gates seems to want a major voluntary big brother operation to allow our cell phones to be the key to solving the pandemic crisis. This may be both an effective and controversial option. Is Laura Ingraham right about her concerns that all of this digital tracking information will do more damage than good?

It is too early to tell if she is fear mongering or if she is properly raising questions about how dangerous this plan is to our civil liberties. One thing can be said about Ingraham’s angle. China is not our ally – whether or not the virus was set up in a lab or was indeed a mistake that emanated from a wet market. China not only brought destruction throughout the world – they clearly cannot be trusted when it comes to information. China clearly knew about the deadly extent of this virus and hid the secret for at least a few weeks, if not a few months. That decision killed tens of thousands of people around the world – if not more. We cannot forget that.

The real question is how to best handle a China that is not our ally. Should they be viewed as an intractable Communist enemy? If so, what is the best way to deal with an enemy? There are no easy answers. China does not seem intent on an expansionist military takeover of the world – at least not now. But China most certainly seems to want to have as much financial control over the manufacture, production, and sale of as many goods in the world economy. And yes, China can manufacture nearly everything for much cheaper prices than any other country because of their vast human resources.

So, who is best equipped to fight this economic battle? Modern history shows that the earlier we recognize the essential truths about our foes, the better our response will be in combating them. Donald Trump may not be the best person to properly judge the essential nature of China. Some of the best people to do this were both hired and fired by President Trump But he may very well be the best person to manage a financial battle or trade war against China. In summation, civil liberties is probably a major issue to keep our eye on. But first and foremost, we need to answer these two questions – Are we or should we be in an economic war against China? Is this the #1 threat to the safety and security of the world?

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