Biking Where Part of the Chanukah Story Took Place

by Avi Abelow

Love my ancestral homeland! Love my national holidays. And I love biking with my family where the holidays actually took place!

Did you know that one of the battles between the Maccabees and the Greek army took place here in the Judean Hills of Gush Etzion? That is why one of the Jewish towns here is named after one of the Maccabees, Elazar!

Love this holiday! Not only is it special having family time with the kids on vacation and the opportunity to have special family get togethers, but it is a time that we get to connect with the actual celebration of the holiday. The miraculous story of Chanukah took place here, like literally here! In these hills of Judea & Samaria! The Gush Stzion community of Elazar is named after one of the Maccabee brothers! Right here, in our neighborhood, where we today ride our bikes!

We are home! We are a nation! And we are celebrating our national holidays in the best place to celebrate them, where the miracles happened!

Just like back then, we are still struggling against occupiers trying to take our homeland away from us. 2,200 years ago it was the Greeks, today it is the Arab Muslims, the biggest occupiers/colonizers of the Middle East & N.Africa, yet somehow people believe the lies that we are occupiers in our own homeland! Just like we beat the occupying Greeks, we will beat the occupying Arab Muslims. Truth & Justice is on our side. We just need to all tap into our inner Maccabee spirit and stand up tall & proud against all the odds stacked against us. They did it then and we will do it again today! It is up to us! Be proud Jews!!!

Day 2 of Chanukah – Check!!! Looking forward to the other six days!!! Love this holiday 🙂

Chanukah Sameach!

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