Biden’s Mistake in This Interview Made Putin Laugh

by Phil Schneider

It is very relevant to watch worried Australian leaders who comment on the state of America’s leadership today. It was funny to watch and kept the late-night television writers busy with lots of content to make fun of. But now, the world has received a rude awakening while the ruthless tyrants of the world are the ones doing the laughing.

Putin could have chosen to do exactly what he is doing now – back in 2014. At that inflection point in Ukraine’s history, it was clear that the Ukraine nationalist movement had reached a crescendo and they were not interested in being a vassal of Putin’s Russia. But Putin understood that he needed to regroup and plan to hit back at a later date. Putin was scared of confronting the United States under Donald Trump. But with Biden asleep at the helm, he properly estimated that there will not be a better time than now to make his move.

But what truly matters is not Russia. It is China. And more than China, it is Russia-Chinese cooperation. There is no love lost between these two nations. But they both understand that if they cooperate, they will each be able to achieve their aims. Putin will be able to resurrect the Russian Empire and China will be able to go after Taiwan and other countries in the South Pacific while expanding it’s tentacles via the Road & Belt imperialist initiative.

The way things are going with Russia, via a bungling US President, the more the American public will turn to a strong leader from the Republican side of the aisle. And it will be the Hispanic vote and everyone outside of the hard left that will sweep the Republican party back into power. Nobody wants to be on the side of the loser, and Biden has made America a loser again. It may very well be the return of the Donald. If not, there are other wonderful alternatives – with less bluster – that are also waiting in the wings. today, the West’s enemies are laughing. But the future may very well be very bright.

Col. Kemp

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