Biden Surrenders To Iran, More War On Its Way

by Micha Gefen

One of the Deep State’s goals is to increase instability in regions that are prone to tribalism and religious fanaticism in order to increase the need for the parties to buy American weapons and use the USA as a “peace keeper.”

By giving into Iran’s demands in order to sit down at the same table as them, the Biden team is essentially setting up the Middle East for another round of war. This of course does not bode well for the countries in the region – especially the ones that joined the Abraham Accords that former President Trump put together.

Biden and his Deep State allies are in partnership with China and the Military Industrial Complex to increase war in the world. The Middle East has always been the number one arena where it has been easiest to stir up trouble.

What made Trump and his team special is that they understood the game and attempted to put an end to it. No one is discounting the threats Iran poses, but by allowing them to increase their nuclear capabilities the world is inviting a huge war.

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