In A Change Of Policy Biden Snubs Abbas

by Micha Gefen

Mahmoud Abbas must be wondering why his fortunes have not shifted under a Democratic president. After all, Biden’s team are known to be pro two-state solution and view “settlements” as illegal. If it’s this bad for Abbas under Biden, the world has truly left him behind.

Western governments usually pretend to look the other way when they need to support dictators for strategic reasons. For years the USA and its Western allies did just that as they funneled billions of dollars to the corrupt Palestinian Authority. While residents in the PA areas live under the poverty line, Abbas and his family have been the biggest winners in the billions of dollars designated for the actual people he is supposed to represent.

For Abbas, Biden’s snub means something more than just not getting to meet the US President – it means that even the Biden administration has now adopted a new outlook on the Israeli-“Palestinian” “peace” process.

What Happened?

A combination of the Abraham Accords and the PA kleptocracy that Abbas and his family run have finally made the PA “President” an unwelcome guest. Most important – Abbas is now considered a poor investment by just about everyone involved in Middle East peace.

For Biden, he needs Middle Eastern stability after his debacle in handling the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Israel and the Gulf states are good bets to make sure the region doesn’t go up in flames. Abbas simply doesn’t have that sort of assurance.

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