Anti-Vaccine and Green Pass Protest Rocks Tel Aviv

by Micha Gefen

As Bennett’s government is set to make rules for Israel’s Green Pass even more strict on October 3rd, protests expanded in Tel Aviv involving a large swath of Israel’s citizens.

Contrary to how PM Bennett presented Israel’s coronavirus policy at the UN, more and more people are questioning not only lockdowns, but reliance on the vaccine altogether. After all, Israel has the highest rate of people using the vaccine, but also has one of the highest rates of coronavirus.

Tonight’s Tel Aviv protest is a huge wake up call for both the government and those trumpeting the government’s official line on vaccines that there is a growing number of Israelis that just buy into the official line of thinking the government is espousing.

More than that, Bennett’s performance in the UN and much of the official approach by the government is intended to force anti-vaxxers to kneel to the government. The challenge is that many people are beginning to see this far more as a fight for freedom from an over zealous central government.

If the protests spread to include other sectors and broader issues it could spell trouble for Bennett and his government.

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