Video Footage Exposes the Biden Admin’s Afghanistan Lies

by Phil Schneider

“The extraordinary success of this mission.” Those were the words that were used by President Biden to describe the “achievement” of removing the forces. Forces in Afghanistan – just a few thousand, were able to keep Afghanistan out of the clutches of the Taliban. That had been going on for many years.

But Joe Biden truly sees the disastrous exit as a “success.” The Taliban are in power now and own billions of dollars of military equipment. Even worse, US nationals are stuck in Afghanistan and will need many prayers to survive.

The basic problem is that the whole idea of deterrence is not a supreme value anymore in the Democrat party. The Democrats are simply taking on the Carter/Obama administration type policies. They are not willing to attack and the terrorists are simply not scared of attacking. Afghanistan will not go away – it will only get greater.

But the Biden administration does not even think they did anything wrong. The Trump administration limited the forces in Afghanistan, but did not run away and leave all of the equipment. Biden should be straight enough to walk away from the Oval Office and let people with backbone take charge.

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