Biden is Pushing for These Terrorists to Rule the Gaza Strip

by Leah Rosenberg

“Officers by Day, Terrorists by Night.” That basically sums up the “security” establishment of the Palestinian Authority that Joe Biden is pushing Israel to hand over control over the Gaza Strip. Do they not realize that they are dealing with moderate terrorists who want to kill Jews moderately? The difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority is that the Hamas is honest, while the Palestinian Authority often put on a facade of moderation that is clearly two-faced.     

The goal of Israel’s war in Gaza was to remove the terror threat and terror infrastructure and rescue all of the hostages. Placing the Palestinian Authority in charge would mean that Israel would be wiping out one problem, and then retracting all of the progress by starting over from scratch.

Israel’s security establishment has been working on the false assessment that somehow the Palestinian Authority is a moderating force among Arabs. The simple fact is that the Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists enormous sums of money. So, the main disincentive of a terrorist, that committing a terror act will destroy the lives of their family, is also non-existent due to the Palestinian Authority’s pay-for-slay program. 

American policy that presses Israel to give over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority is dead wrong. More importantly, no more than perhaps 15-20% of Israel’s population is interested in this direction. So, Biden and the hostile State Department is caught up in the past. They need to get with the times. Israel will not prostrate itself in order to follow America if that means endangering its own population to endure future massacres. 

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