Bibi Threatens War With Hezbollah

by Micha Gefen

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited a lookout point in Kiryat Shmona today where he met with firefighters and emergency response teams that have been active in the area. He was briefed on the recent wildfires, the extensive firefighting efforts and the close cooperation between the IDF and the Fire and Rescue Service in order to extinguish the fires.

During his visit, Netanyahu said, “We said, at the start of the war, that we would restore security in both the south and the north – and this is what we are doing.”

“Today I am on the northern border with our heroic fighters and commanders, as well as with our firefighters. Yesterday the ground burned here and I am pleased that you have extinguished it, but ground also burned in Lebanon.

“Whoever thinks he can hurt us and we will respond by sitting on our hands is making a big mistake. We are prepared for very intense action in the north. One way or another, we will restore security to the north.”

The timing of Netanyahu’s visit, which comes after an intense escalation between Hezbollah and Israel is a clear sign that Israel plans on going all out against the Iranian terror army in Southern Lebanon. Given the danger to Israel’s home front, there is good reason to be nervous about shifting to an all out war. However, Hezbollah has left it with no choice.

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