Bibi Makes His Move…

by David Mark

Now that the rightwing block has secured a clear majority, giving Netanyahu the premiership, Bibi must now put together a coalition.

Unlike other times, Bibi can actually make a coalition using only those natural ideological partners in the tight. This is a first for him. All previous coalitions always involved some sort balance between Likud, the religious, and a leftwing party. The results of this election can potentially give Israel a stable government for its entire term.

While the main story of this election is the rise of Itamar Ben-Gvir, it is not the only story. The Israeli electorate chose a clear path for Israel – there are no blurred lines. Israelis want real security, traditional Judaism, growing economy, and the return to the geopolitical boldness and safety that Netanyahu exudes.

Netanyahu and his coalition partners have a chance to put Israel on a trajectory that has the ability to truly transform it from a State of Jews to a Jewish State. This time there are no excuses. The ball is in Bibi’s hands entirely.

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