Bibi Got Everyone on Israel’s Side After This Fox News Interview

by Phil Schneider

Running a war is never easy. Running a war when most of the country feels you are certainly one of the people responsible for allowing the horrible massacre of Jews to occur on October 7th is even more challenging. But Bibi Netanyahu understands better than any other Prime Minister of Israel the importance of the press, especially the American Press, and he has mastered the art. 

Whenever Netanyahu is in a bind, he seems to find a way out by doing something spectacular on the world stage. Speeches in Congress and UN after being snubbed by Obama are but one of the many tricks he has used. But now, things are more binary than they have been in the past. Israel is good. Hamas is evil. Israelis overwhelmingly see it that way, and there is no way that Netanyahu or his opponents in Israel would consider creating an Arab State west of the Jordan river. More than 80% of the country is opposed to it. 

Netanyahu knows that American foreign policy, largely driven by the State Department continues to push towards a two-state solution. That sounds so reasonable and fair. Two nations are fighting over a parcel of land. So split it and all will be fine? Right? It is actually one massive delusion and completely divorced from the reality on the ground.

At the end of World War II, would anyone reasonable have proposed a two state solution to split up Germany between the Nazis and their opponents? The only policy that was reasonable was to destroy all offensive capabilities of Germany, occupy the country for a few decades and sheperd a new generation via an educational curriculum that disallows any vestiges of the Nazi educational system. 

Today, Germany is a westernized country with nearly no major vestiges of Naziism, certainly not in the mainstream. The same can happen in areas of radical Islam that threaten the peace. But it won’t happen if the radicals have major offensive capabilities coupled with UN funding and allies like Iran, Qatar, and China.

Despite the horrible disaster of October 7th, Bibi is indeed the leader of the free world in the Middle East and a beacon of light leading the way for the entire West to learn from. 

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