0.2%: One of the Most Powerful Videos About the Jewish People Ever Made 

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish population makes up just 0.2% of the world. That seems to be nothing. And yet, it is everything.

0.2% is More Important Than it Seems

This video is really well-made. It is powerful. And it drills home an important message to the Jewish people and really to the entire world. This is a video that everyone should see – whether or not you are Jewish. The Jewish people make up just 0.2% of the world population. And yet, we are always in the news headlines. Our homeland is a tiny sliver of land between large Arab countries. And yet, everyone is talking about us. You would think that the Jewish nation makes up much more of the percentage of the world’s population based on the way we are in the spotlight!

So if the world thinks we matter, then there must be a reason. It means something to be a Jew.

This video ends with chilling and powerful words: “So if they want me to die because I’m Jewish, shouldn’t I at least learn what it means to live as a Jew?”

There are many types of Jews out there. We are not all the same. But we all matter. G-d chose all of the Jewish people to be His chosen people. We may have different opinions and different background, but one Jew is not more “Jewish” than the next. Our enemies don’t see our differences. To them, we are all just Jewish. How much more so should we be able to internalize that message.

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