Berkeley Professor Couldn’t Answer This Simple Question

by Phil Schneider

Is abortion an issue of race? Is the issue of abortion connected to systemic racism? Is the United States of America a country that is based on systemic racism? Well, this Berkeley Professor believes firmly that America is a country that is based on systemic racism. But the killer question that the Berkeley Professor refuses to answer is whether or not an unborn baby has value. Really?

Do the abortion rights supporters actually believe that an unborn child has no rights until the day the baby is born and not a day before? Really?

The value of life is now in the process of being whittled down across the United States. Not only unborn babies are under attack by the abortion-encouragers – that’s what they are – even newly born babies are now under attack by lawmakers in California. The craziness is spreading as part of the same crazy ideology that believes that males who choose to become trans – whatever that means – can also become pregnant.

Democrat DC politicians are working hard to impose their fringe ideology across America and to shut down thousands of pregnancy care facilities across America. Why? There is only one reason. The radicals are anti-life and abortion-encouraging supporters who are doing this as part of their war on the family. This is the most important battle going on today. The abortion issue is one part of this huge battle. There is nothing more important than the right to live a free and normal family life and provide children a normal and free education according to the will of parents.

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