US Freedom Flyers: Safety & Liability

by Etana Hecht

Originally published on Etana’s substack.

Note: This post is in honor and memory of a US soldier on the southern border who died a sudden death two days ago due to blood clots in his lungs and cardiac arrest.

Where Does Liability Land?

A multi-billion dollar corporation created a product. That product got hyped up within an environment of panic, fear-mongering, social pressure, media adoration, guilt, government pressure, and finally financial pressure. 

A pilot succumbed to that pressure, got vaccinated and boosted per his company’s coercion, and is now suffering from chest pains or neurological oddities. That pilot now faces an impossible choice. Report his medical issues, and risk losing everything he’s worked for, or keep quiet, continue flying, and pray. If he reports his concerns, he’d be grounded for an undetermined amount of time and put on medical leave, during which time he’d receive a fraction of the salary that he got from flying. The pilot chose to keep quiet for the time being. A short time later, his injuries persisted, and now he’s faced with an even more difficult choice. Having withheld the medical issues while getting into the cockpit, he put hundreds of lives at a risk that the aerospace community finds unacceptable. He’s now facing potential civil and criminal liability for putting those lives at risk, making it even more difficult to come forward and report his injuries. To add insult to injury, those who do come forward are met with gaslighting and hostility to claims of suffering since vaccination. 

Only one of the two above entities is liable for the damage the product caused. Somehow, it’s the consumer. We’ve gotten to the point where the consumer of a faulty product was forced to engage with the product and is now liable for the damage the product causes, while the manufacturer escapes liability over and over. 

While the above is just an example, unfortunately, it’s becoming a common scenario. Pilots all over the world are suffering silently, as day by day their medical issues grow alongside their liability. 

US Freedom Flyers

Josh Yoder is a pilot for a major US airline. He’s put everything he has into protecting the rights of the pilots, while simultaneously pushing hard to hold the manufacturers accountable for the chaos they’ve wrought. 

On Aug 6, Yoder was sitting in a hotel room between flights and saw a post on Facebook discussing liberty and individual freedom. That sparked a fire in Yoder, and he wrote up a 2 page summary of the aerospace situation regarding the vaccines and mandates and sent it off to Stew Peters.  On Aug 11, 2021, he appeared on Stew Peter’s show and expressed, on behalf of himself as a private individual, his dismay about the mandates that at the time were in place over at United Airlines.

From that interview, the US Freedom Flyers was born. As Yoder continued to speak out, people reached out to him from all over to express support for what he was doing, or inform him about their own negative experiences with the vaccines or mandates. He built up a network of flight staff who formed the US Freedom Flyers, and then connected it to the Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC). Through GAAC, USFF is now allied to global aviation, medical and scientific partners spanning the globe, all of whom are focused on the effects of Covid policy and “vaccines” on flight safety.  

As the US Freedom Flyers grew in both numbers and influence, Yoder’s phone began to ring off the hook with people who are looking for help, and answering their call has become his life’s mission. Along with organizing legal pushback across the country, he’s helped countless individuals who have reached out to him. If you’d like to help support this mission, please consider donating here.

The Perfect Storm

A few weeks ago on July 6, Josh Yoder and Dr. Kevin Stillwagon appeared on a show called American Media Periscope to give us an update on where things stand. When Covid hit in 2020 and air travel effectively ground to a halt, the airlines ran calculations as they offered early retirement to pilots who were nearing the end of their careers. Pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience under their belt were grounded, some of them forever. The airlines ran their calculations based on how many were retiring, how many new pilots were coming through the pipeline in the coming years, and how quickly they expected air travel to return to what it was. 

What was NOT included in their calculation was the number of young pilots who would cease flying due to vaccine mandates, vaccine injuries, and early death. A perfect storm of disasters has converged, causing severe crew shortages all over, with the vaccines and the mandates smack in the middle of all the chaos. 

As Dr. Stillwagon explained, myocarditis is tissue damage to the heart muscle that’s disruptive to normal cardiac activity. That damage can be completely undetectable in normal circumstances, or present as mild chest pain, but under stress, the heart can suddenly succumb to the pressure and the person can go into cardiac arrest. Tissue damage can be detected by checking troponin levels. If it’s elevated, that indicates damage. The US Freedom Flyers are calling for a full screening of vaccinated pilots so that the level of cardiac risk from vaccination can be properly assessed. Absent the leadership of the FAA, Mr. Steve Kirsch stepped up as a private citizen and offered to fund these medical screenings for pilots who wish to have a thorough understanding of their own risk levels. 

Hypocrisy and Failure to Lead

The FAA has abrogated its responsibility to the airlines, the pilots, and the public. Their job is to act both preventatively to ensure aerospace safety, and reactively in that, if something goes wrong, they react in a way that takes precautions to prevent it from happening again. They have dropped the ball on both those fronts regarding the Covid vaccines. The FAA is historically extremely thorough with researching updates to aerospace guidelines, even down to something as insignificant as the cafeteria menu. When a plan was proposed to raise the retirement age for pilots from 60-65, that plan underwent SEVEN YEARS of research before being approved. It appears to be a complete and utter dereliction of duty for the airlines to have even approved the brand new Covid vaccines, let alone mandate them. Now that we’re a year and a half into this mess, the signals that it was a giant mistake are growing every day. If the top priority of the FAA were aerospace safety, there are many steps they should be taking to assess the new level of risk the mRNA shots have introduced into aerospace safety. They are taking none of those steps, and have yet to acknowledge that an elevated risk exists. 

The Aeromedical examiner’s guidebook is guidance for the doctors who are tasked with ensuring pilots are medically safe to fly and perform flight physicals. In the guidebook is a statement that no medication should be administered to a pilot until 12 months post-FDA approval.

The purpose of this is of course to give time to see if there are side effects that show up in the general public once the drug is released. The airlines are in clear violation of their own guidelines, and there are no regulators to call them out on it. This is one of the core bases of the US Freedom Flyer’s pushback against the FAA for allowing the vaccines and mandates at the airlines. Had they followed their own guidance, which was created to maintain the safest aerospace system in the world, they would not have ALLOWED their pilots to get a Covid-19 vaccine, never mind mandate it. They’ve failed miserably at their own stated mission and violated the Nuremberg Code on top of their failure. 

They also claim in their own guidelines that as the side effect profiles of the vaccines become more clear, they’ll re-evaluate their rules for post-vaccine flights. Currently, a pilot may not be the “pilot in command” of an aircraft for 48 hours after any Covid-19 vaccine dose. That regulation has NOT been re-evaluated or updated, even as the side effects become more clear.

Legal Strategy

The legal battles that the US Freedom Flyers are engaged in are moving along and are multi-pronged:

  • Violation of their own guidelines – Highlighting the failure of the agencies to maintain the standards of safety that they themselves had set.
  • Using Pfizer’s data – The Pfizer documents that came to light despite clear attempts to keep them in the dark for decades tell a story that’s very different than “safe and effective”.
  • Adverse reactions – The US Freedom Flyer’s legal team is preparing for a flood of legal cases against the airlines, the FAA, and the Dept of Transportation on behalf of those who’ve been injured or negatively impacted by the vaccines and mandates. 

The significance of a win against the FAA can’t be overstated. If it’s proven that the airline regulation authorities violated their own guidance, it condemns every aviation authority around the world that rely on the FAA for the gold standard of safety. Similarly, if the US Freedom Flyers wins any of its cases against the airlines, it condemns every airline around the world. 

The criminal and civil liabilities that the airlines are potentially responsible for are mind-boggling in their scope. The airlines coerced the pilots into taking the vaccine, injuring an untold number of them while still allowing them to fly. The complete stonewalling of the companies to those injured by the vaccine is part of the biggest coverup in history. The full exposure to it can potentially take years, but their entire house of cards is flimsy, and beginning to shake.

Military Whistleblowers

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Pete Chambers spent 39 years in uniform. In 2015, he left active duty for the National Guard in Texas. In 2020, he moved down to the Texas/Mexico border and became the Task Force Surgeon for a unit of 600 soldiers who were sent there for national security. That unit eventually grew to thousands of soldiers, and his job was to advise the commanders regarding all medical issues. From the early days of Covid, the uselessness of the official government approach to the virus was obvious to him. There were times when 12,000 illegals crossed the border within a week. They were largely unvaccinated and didn’t wear masks. In the 110-degree Texas heat, Dr. Chambers didn’t require his soldiers to mask either, but he DID create an environment of precautions that were sensible, including nasal swabs, saline washes, proper hygiene, and good personal protection. If one of his soldiers got sick, he prescribed them Ivermectin. 

Dr. Chambers was uniquely positioned to deal with the virus because he’d spent a lot of time over in Africa as the flight surgeon in charge of special ops soldiers’ health. He’s used Ivermectin and Hydroxochlorquine on thousands of soldiers overseas very effectively, and never saw a negative side effect from either of them. When the US military pulled Ivermectin and HCQ off the military pharmacy shelves, effectively cutting them off as a treatment for US soldiers, Dr. Chambers knew something wasn’t right. 

In Jan 2021, the Covid shots were kicked off on an opt-in basis. As the shots rolled out many soldiers opted to take the vaccine. The first time Dr. Chambers saw the clinic giving shots to soldiers, he asked the medics where the informed consent was. Dr. Chambers himself has gotten many vaccinations throughout his military career, and there was always an informed consent process. The medic responded that they were not doing informed consent, to which Dr. Chambers responded that he’d like to see the package insert, and he would perform the informed consent process himself. 

Well, the medic came back with the folded insert. When Dr. Chambers unfolded it to take a look, it was a giant BLANK piece of paper. That set off a chain reaction that ultimately forced Dr. Chambers into early retirement. Dr. Chambers was the first military doctor to become a green beret. He was a “golden boy” in the military, and he got there by displaying personal courage (Army value #7) and critical thinking. He was not about to let his soldiers be illegally injected with an experimental vaccine under EUA without giving them proper informed consent. 

He didn’t have time in his day to start doing research into the shots, as his schedule was full of taking care of real-world issues on the US/Mexico border. He hired some assistants to help him, and they started doing the research, including the risks of Covid for those in the age range of his soldiers. He ended up putting together about 90 slides with data about the vaccines and packaged the top 30 of them to give to the soldiers for informed consent. Well, those slides had data that was so poor that it may as well have had a huge skull and crossbones on the cover with a warning sign to stay away. He managed to give over this informed consent to about 3,000 soldiers. Of the 3,000 who were properly informed, only 6 opted to take the shots. That royally upset his commanders, and a 2-star general was sent to chew him out and tell him to cease informing the soldiers about the risks of the vaccine. 

Whistleblower Status

Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas has a form on his website for whistleblowers in the military. Dr. Chambers sent in a whistleblower complaint regarding the Covid vaccines twice with no response. He got a mutual contact to reach out to Crenshaw on his behalf, and Crenshaw’s response was that the vaccine issue “is a little sensitive right now” and that he’d “look into it”. 

Chambers was later fired by Colonel Coldwell for continuing with the informed consent process. Chambers informed the Colonel that as was now an official military whistleblower, firing him would constitute an act of retribution that would contravene the Whistleblower Act. He was promptly “unfired” but again ordered to cease holding informed consent sessions. At that point, out of 10,000 soldiers, their vaccine rate was about 28%, mostly due to soldiers who were already vaccinated by the time they got transferred. As an interesting note, Colonel Coldwell has since retired and sent an apology to Dr. Chambers regarding the way he was treated on the border. He signaled that the pressure to fire him had come from higher up the chain of command. 

That’s where Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long came in. Dr. Long is specially trained in DMED data, the military medical data system that’s supposedly one of the most sophisticated in the entire world. Dr. Long came out as a public whistleblower when the catastrophic effects of the mandated vaccine started appearing in the data. Neurologic disorders were up 1100% in 2021, along with rate increases of anywhere from 200% to 1100% in a long list of medical issues including stillbirths, myocarditis, pericarditis, and strokes. An attorney named Thomas Renz walked Dr. Long through the whistleblowing process. Long teamed up with Dr. Peter Chambers, Major Sam Sigloff, and 1st Lieutenant Mark Bashaw and together they submitted the DMED data to Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson immediately put the DOD on notice that it was not to touch the data or retaliate against the whistleblowers. The very next day, the DMED database went down for 48 hours after which time the data came back online with the numbers from 2016-2020 significantly inflated over what they had been prior so it looked more in line with the numbers from 2021. In response to Senator Johnson’s query regarding the change in numbers, the military had an article published in Politico saying that it was a “glitch”.  For a comprehensive deep dive into the very complicated matter of the DMED data glitch, check out Mathew Crawford’s Substack

At this point, military command was making Dr. Chamber’s ability to do his job very difficult. They let his orders run out, and he left the military earlier than he had planned, but that opened the doors for him to take a broader range of action. He connected with Josh Yoder and has given witness testimony for numerous lawsuits, with many others in the pipeline. He’s also signed letters to the FAA and aviation authorities in the UK, Australia, Holland, and Canada stating that vaccinated pilots have an elevated risk of undetected myocarditis, and all vaccinated pilots should be screened for cardiac complications.

Dr. Chambers said that since his military career began in 1983, he’s never seen anything this crazy. Since Lloyd Austin stepped into power, we’ve seen pure insanity in Afghanistan, Ukraine, the US border, and vaccine mandates. It’s taken only one administration to destroy so much. 

Near Disaster

Captain Bob Snow had been a commercial airline pilot for decades. He’s worked through major airline disruptions such as 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash. When Covid began to stir the world in early 2020, he knew that the airline industry was about to take a huge hit. As the airports emptied out, airlines began to offer their pilots and crew members the option to take a leave of absence with a stipend payment. Captain Snow took a leave of absence for 11 months. In March 2021, he was called back to work. Since it had been such a long time since he’d last flown, he had to go through a mandatory 5-day requalification program in order to maintain his flying license, during which he caught Covid. Once he recovered, he went back to work, having undergone two EKGs, one with his personal cardiologist who had been successfully monitoring a minor blood pressure issue for 10 years, and the other through the FAA before he went back to work. Both EKGs came back completely normal. 

Once the fall hit, rumors of airline-mandated Covid vaccines started swirling, and in October, American Airlines announced that all pilots must be vaccinated by Nov 2021, or face termination. Captain Snow was wary of the vaccine and alarmed by the mandate. He was aware that the function of the shot operated more as a gene therapy than as a traditional vaccine, and the fact that the manufacturers had no liability for their product raised his concern as well. He did some research and decided to comply with the mandate on November 4, 2021, by getting the Johnson & Johnson shot, as it was only one dose. He immediately got a reaction in the form of a sore arm for 10 days, which had never happened to him with previous vaccinations. In January 2022, he began to have odd symptoms and strange sensations. As the months passed, they began to occur more frequently. Capt Snow thought it was a gastrointestinal issue, and went for a CT scan. The results of that scan were not back yet when Capt Snow coded in the cockpit minutes after landing a commercial flight. 

On April 9, 2022, Capt Snow was flying a commercial flight from Denver to Dallas Fort Worth with just under 200 passengers on board. It was his 4th day of a 4-day trip, and he had one more leg of the flight to go. He landed smoothly, taxi’d to the gate, performed his shutdown checklist, stood up to exit the plane, and reached down to get his bag. That’s the last thing he remembers before waking up the next day in the ICU. Six minutes after landing the plane, Captain Bob Snow’s heart went into cardiac arrest and he passed out. Thanks to immediate medical attention by two passengers who were on the plane, and a false alarm call that had sent an emergency response team to the gate right next door, Capt Snow was attended to within minutes. The medical team shocked his heart 3 times, which restarted it and saved his life. He was transferred to the ICU, where he woke up the next day. 

One of the assistant chief pilots called his wife to inform her about what happened and assist in transportation for her to get to her husband’s bedside. In a shocking display of indifference and disrespect, that was the last time the Snow family had any contact with American Airlines. No one from the airline ever reached out to check on how he was doing. No one from the airline attempted to discuss his future in flying, or his medical state. He tried to make contact with them through the union, but the unions are currently assisting in shielding the airlines from liability, and that attempt was unsuccessful. After 31 years of flying for American Airlines, they are acting as though he doesn’t exist. For them, it would have been far more convenient had Capt Snow not miraculously survived his cardiac arrest.

Josh Yoder was contacted about Capt Snow’s cardiac arrest. Having already been in the thick of networking and building out the US Freedom Flyers for months, Yoder was in a position to spring into action. He called Dr. Peter Chambers who happened to be located nearby and recruited him to go to the hospital to see Capt Snow, while Yoder himself made arrangements to fly out to Texas. The two of them contacted Dr. Peter McCullough and some of his associates and were able to help put together a medical plan for Capt. Snow. He had to wear a life vest until June 16, and now he’ll have to have an implanted device called a SICD that acts as an automatic defibrillator for the rest of his life. Thanks to the quick action of so many, he’s here with us today to share his story and join the fight for both medical freedom and aviation safety.

The flight that Capt Snow landed when he coded is AA flight 1067 from Denver to Dallas Fort Worth on April 9, 2022. If you or someone you know was on that flight, please reach out to the US Freedom Flyers at They already have a few passengers from that flight and are seeking more to join a future class action lawsuit.

It’s been made clear to Capt Snow that the FAA won’t want to touch his case. There is no established timeline or pathway back to flying for Captain Snow with the kind of injury he has sustained. With a SICD fitted, he is unfit to fly and cannot hold a medical certificate.

When professional pilots check-in for their duty, they must certify that to the best of their knowledge they are “fit to fly”. If a pilot cannot knowingly certify that then he/she shouldn’t fly. Pilots who certify that they are fit to fly when they knowingly have some kind of medical symptoms or condition that makes them unfit violate federal aviation law. But if a pilot doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with them then they have, to the best of their knowledge, made an honest declaration.

This brings us to an uncomfortable place. If a medical product has serious but sub-clinical side effects that could acutely or suddenly render a pilot unfit to fly i.e., trigger a heart attack in flight, how would the pilot ever know or suspect there was a problem? If the sub-clinical condition couldn’t be detected by the pilot and was never even looked for by FAA medical examination (despite the FAA being warned multiple times that it should) how is anyone going to know anything until that condition detectably manifests as, say, a full-blown heart attack?

All of which brings us back to the awkward fact that it is the consumers who were forced to take a product who is now solely liable for all its negative effects, while the government-endorsed manufacturers push out booster after booster and face absolutely zero consequences whatsoever.

In other words, if a pilot was forced to take a dangerous and faulty “vaccine” that caused him to suffer a heart attack in flight and an incident or accident resulted, that’s not the fault of the government or airline that forced him to take the vaccine, nor is it the fault of the manufacturer or the medical regulator who are both responsible for making and testing the “vaccine”, and nor is it the fault of the aviation regulator who allowed the “vaccine” into aviation, allowed the pilot to take it and backed the mandate.

It is all the pilot’s fault for taking the “vaccine” and being unlucky enough to have the heart attack. But this isn’t just about heart attacks. This is about any side effect that these products might be inducing that could render a pilot unfit to fly and/or pose a risk to flight safety. There are a lot of now acknowledged Covid “vaccine” side effects and the list keeps growing. A lot of those side effects aren’t compatible with flying, and the FAA and the FDA must acknowledge this newly introduced risk to aviation.

The Battle

The cause that’s been taken up by these brave heroes affects every single one of us. Everyone mentioned in the article has had their lives completely upended by the vaccines and mandates and is now almost solely focused on fighting for medical freedom, and a return to safety in aviation.

Please consider donating to the US Freedom Flyer’s legal defense fund as they are on the front lines of a battle that affects us all.

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