Ben Shapiro Exposes What the Left Won’t Tell You About Critical Race Theory

by Phil Schneider

Is racism ordinary? Are all groups set up based on racist relationships? Shapiro sheds light on all of the lies of those who espouse critical race theory. Shapiro challenges these young people to take the risk of making our own free choices in this world and not to leave our freedoms to be decided on by others.

“Reality contains risk.” This is an obvious statement – that needs to be said to young people today. His goal is not merely to save people’s freedoms. It is also intended to save the freedom of our civilization. The whole idea of looking at reality through a race-based lens and not through a reality-based lens is truly dangerous.

Critical race theory (CRT) maintains that race is not biological; instead, it is a social construction used to protect the social, economic, and legal interests of whites so they can maintain their power. Of course, like so many other lies or exaggerations, there is more than a kernel of truth to this. But it is true for the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The Civil Rights Movement took care of 90% of the problem that still persisted. Now, racism is simply an attitude for the fringes of society. There are fringe white nationalists and fringe black racists and other fringe groups. But they are not the main threat at all today. What is more threatening to today’s society than any other thing is the very fabric of our society – freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

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