Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Can’t Answer Why They Singled Out Israel

by Phil Schneider

It is a sickness. There is no other explanation as to why people who seemingly have no reason to hate Israel single out Israel as their nemesis to stand up to. The lies that are spread about Israel continue to be spread every day. It is time that the CEOs who decide to boycott are called out for their hypocrisy, stupidity, and anti-semitism.

Today’s version of anti-semitism is a sly and seemingly humanistic form of anti-semitism. Don’t hate Jews – hate Israel. Don’t speak about hatred – speak about the rights of innocent Arab refugees. It all sounds good, but it’s all one big fat lie. The anti-Israel voices ignore the fact that Israel is the best place in the Middle East for an Arab to be – especially an Arab woman , and especially an Arab Christian woman. Arabs in Israel have voting rights, and all Arabs, even in the disputed parts of the Land of Israel receive the best medical care from Jewish and Arab Doctors all over the Land of Israel.

Syrian refugees continue to beg to receive medical care in Israel as a result of the Civil War which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of Arabs. Christian Arabs in Egypt are persecuted endlessly, but Ben & Jerry’s only cares about Israel’s treatment of Arab refugees. The hypocrisy is enormous.

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