Atheists Are Blown Away by This Video

by Leah Rosenberg

How can anyone deny this proof of G-d? The evidence is remarkable. It’s actually mind-blowing. A must-see video!

Proof of G-d in Jewish History

The Bible told us everything that would happen to us in Jewish history. It is amazing when you take the time to think about it. This proof of G-d is very strong. This video really nails it.

Some religions don’t make sense the more you think about them. Some religions don’t even want you to ask the hard questions. But in Judaism, the more you delve into the study of the Bible and the more you think about G-d, the more everything makes sense. Our questions are encouraged. The truth is clear.

G-d is obviously running the show. There are other proofs of His existence as well. But this proof is indisputable. What can atheists say to this evidence of G-d? What can they respond when they see a video like this? It is all based on truth. And you just can’t argue with truth.

It’s truly also inspiring. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your belief in the One Above, this video is definitely a good place to start. We all need to be reminded that G-d controls the world. He is in charge. Everything that He has said has happened. So we must believe that the things that are written in the Torah that have not happened yet will happen as well. Let’s pray that the prophecies about the final Temple being rebuilt and the coming of the Mashiach happen speedily in our days.

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