Arnold Schwarzenegger Nails it With Powerful Message on Jew-Hatred

by Leah Rosenberg

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for his acting and his role as governor of California. You have to see his video about the rising Jew-hatred.

Message about Rising Jew-Hatred

Will people listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger and what he has to say about Jew-hatred? Too many people have been brainwashed into following the path of hating the Jewish people. Jew-hatred is so rampant that Schwarzenegger feels the need to make a video talking about it.

It will probably take more than one video made by someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger to change someone’s mind. But maybe this video will plant the seeds for people to wake up. Maybe this video will cause some people to second guess their Jew-hatred and to educate themselves. So many people blindly post things on social media and go on rants without even knowing what they are saying. Why has that become accepted?

The message at the end of the video is extremely important and powerful. It doesn’t matter what someone has done in the past. There is always a chance to change. In Judaism, we believe that no one is ever too immersed in sin to change. One can always repent and change his ways no matter what he has done.

There have been people who were so entrenched in their Jew-hatred, but then they discovered how wrong they were, and they changed their ways.

Some people in the world do see the truth. When it feels like so many people are hating on the Jews, we have to remember that there are people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are people who get it. There are people who try to fight against the hate. Will you be one of those people?

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