No Fertility Studies were done Before Approving the Pfizer Vaccine

by Avi Abelow

The analysis of the UK government’s report on the Pfizer vaccine is horrifying. As reported in the video below, no fertility studies were ever done or studies on pregnant women. Yet, the medical authorities and governments approved the vaccine anyway and even pushed pregnant women to get the vaccine.

Dr. Tina Peers, a British woman’s health specialist, also adds that the Pfizer study actually told women to not get pregnant when testing the vaccine. The Pfizer study then documents how some women did get pregnant and includes the percentage of miscarriages from that study group, which is staggering.

This information was hidden from the public.

This is damning information about the medical authorities and governments that approved this vaccine to be mandated upon the public.

People must be committed and punished for their involvement in approving this covid vaccine.

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