Palestinian Arab gunmen shoot off automatic rounds in Arab Jerusalem neighborhood

by Leah Rosenberg

This is an Arab Jerusalem neighborhood. Palestinian Arab terrorists don’t only try to kill Jews, but they don’t value the lives of their own people either.

Violence in an Arab Jerusalem Neighborhood

So, why are these Palestinian Arabs shooting automatic rounds in an Arab Jerusalem neighborhood? Because they are protesting a political decision by Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party. Yes, they are acting that violently and carelessly in the village of Kalandia right outside of Jerusalem, putting the lives of their own people in danger. Why? All because they are upset about something politically. This is the violent nature of this Middle Eastern culture!

They use their guns and ammunition for no reason. They act irresponsibly to protest a political decision. And what is so crazy is that Abbas pays these men, and then they use their guns to protest against him. The whole thing is so twisted. Not only are they irrational, violent, and barbaric to the Jewish nation, but even to their own!

And now the US has decided to give millions of dollars to these evil forces who don’t only use their guns and ammunition for terrorism against the Jews, but they use it to harm and endanger their own people.


Dr. Risch

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