Will this area in West Virginia be set aside to become a Sharia zone?

by Avi Abelow

Have you heard of the “no-go zones?” Areas set aside to be dictated and ruled by Muslims in the Western World? That is what a Sharia Zone is. It is a ridiculous concept that runs counter to the entire concept of law and order. And one location in West Virginia may be next.

Sharia Zone

There are many religions and cultures present throughout the United States. People come from all different backgrounds. The US embraces that! But when Muslims from Syria are coming to West Virginia and getting housing and the allowance of a Sharia Zone, this is a major issue. A funeral home is going to be knocked down to create a mosque! Why is that acceptable? It is not about politics. It is about the safety of Americans. And it is about the fact that Americans should not be treated as second class citizens to Muslim migrants! Why do they get to live for free on tax money while Americans suffer? No-go zones should not exist anywhere if we want to respect the concept of law and order! Remember, if the police cannot enter somewhere, chaos will reign. This is a very slippery slope.

America Needs to Speak Up

As discussed in this video, black and white Americans alike are suffering while the Muslim refugees receive money and free health care. West Virginia is in debt, but somehow, they are providing goods and services to the Syrians who are going to fill up the area. Why are Americans getting less services than the migrants? It seems preposterous! Who is going to speak up for these Americans? Everyone seems to be speaking up for the Muslim refugees, but what about the Americans who have put all their energy into the country?

This should be a non-partisan issue. Democrats and Republicans alike should be standing up for the concept of law and order. Even those who are more”open” on immigration law should be on the side of not having no-go zones. Otherwise, we will all have a rude awakening one day. Then we’ll ask ourselves, “How did this happen?” But then it will be too late.

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