Archaeologists discovered something unprecedented in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The dirt of Jerusalem (and all of Israel) holds ancient secrets. It reveals history. What archaeologists found this time has never been found.

Archaeologists Uncover Truth

What archaeologists really do is uncover the hidden truth. The dirt and artifacts speak for themselves. The stones and pottery shards shout out the facts. The world may continue to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, but the soil of the holy city will never stop speaking the truth.

Denying Tangible Proof

It is mind-boggling that so many deny such tangible evidence. The world denies the Jewish right to Jerusalem. They want to divide it. Or they want to just give it all to the “Palestinians” who did not even exist during the time periods of these artifacts!

So why do people deny the Jewish people the right to their holy city? It is obviously not because of lack of evidence. All fingers point toward a Jewish Jerusalem for thousands of years.

The answer is antisemitism. That is the only explanation for the fact that the world does not want to admit the Jewish people belong in Jerusalem. Or ignorance. But at this point, it seems hard to believe that anyone can be so ignorant.

New Discoveries

After all the years of digging, it is remarkable to realize that new discoveries are still being made. It is not the same coin that is being found. It is not the same pottery piece from the same time period.

It is a different coin that reveals something different.

It is a different pottery piece that points to another time period.

And that is why archaeologists have such an important job and should never stop searching for the truth. The truth keeps being dug up.

History Speaks for Itself

All these discoveries tell a story. They tell history.

Some people might think history is a boring subject. But when history is unearthed and you can feel it with your hands, there is nothing boring about that!

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