IDF Stops Terror Attack in Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Arab Muslims in Jerusalem spent all day rioting on Friday. What you see behind me is just a taste of what the IDF had to deal with in dealing with the rioters.

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Friday was a full day of rioting. Finally, on Friday night IDF soldiers shot 3 of the rioting terrorists who threw a pipe bomb at them and were planning to throw Molotov cocktails at an IDF outpost. The soldiers stopped a serious terror attack. The injured terrorists were then taken to a hospital in Ramallah.

This is following a Thursday night filled with terror with two failed rocket launches from Gaza, and the IDF finding guns on Arab Muslims driving through one of the checkpoints into Jerusalem.

The scenes in the above video show how there is no deterrence. These rioters should be scared out of their minds to throw rocks at IDF vehicles. But they are not scared because they know our soldiers won’t do anything to stop them, afraid of the legal consequences.

Peace will only be achieved when our justice system stops interfering in IDF rules of engagement and we once again have the military leaders who return the military deterrence necessary to protect all of our lives. Rocks kill. 

Yes, driving in protected vehicles removes the danger for soldiers at that moment. But, without proper deterrence, even when they are in protected vehicles, then these terrorists will never be afraid of throwing rocks and sometimes they will succeed in killing us. This is exactly what we witnessed last week with the killing of IDF commando soldier Amit Ben-Yigal.

We must return to reacting to every stoke throwing to deter them from ever throwing anything at us, ever, even in protected vehicles. That is the only way we will bring back the deterrence we need.

Col. Kemp

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