WATCH: Arab Policemen Harass Jewish Reservist

by Avi Abelow

A., a captain in the reserves, lives in Givat Olga in Hadera, went as usual last Friday to dip in the sea before Shabbat.

When he got out, to get back to his house, some residents of the neighborhood approached him and told him that there are Arabs at the beach, who are making a mess on the beach, BBQ, hookahs, alcohol, loud music (all against the law) harass residents, threaten and scare them (events that have become routine in the past year, including an  attempted rape and a variety of sexual harassment).

To try to help them, they appealed to some of these Arab families to stop their actions and calm things down. But then one Arab woman got up and threw her shoe in the face of the this guy and a commotion ensued. Despite this, A. told everyone who was there not to raise a hand and not to resort to violence and even prevented some guys from doing so.

Despite this, the Arab called the police but for some reason the police chose to hear only one side, the Arabs pointed to A. as a threatening factor (while he was the moderating factor). The policemen asked the guy to identify himself but he first asked to understand why and in what charge, he told the policemen that he wanted to file a complaint about the same Arab who threw the shoe at him, but the police demanded to arrest him, 20 minutes before Shabbat. The conversation with the policemen was with an Arab policeman, who had not been present at all before, and began a violent arrest, indescribable brutality and disproportionate to the incident and shocking without any prior notice, knocked him to the floor, resorted to blatantly unreasonable and very dangerous use of a “Taser” !

When he was already lying on the floor and there is no opposition on his part, so a reserve officer is humiliated for no injustice, in front of the Arabs. The A, was dragged to the police car with brutality and humiliation even though he did not express any opposition and did not resort to violence. The policeman ignored and even refused to accede to his request that they bring him the phone to inform his wife, who was waiting for him at home all this time. As far as his wife was concerned he went to dip in the sea and did not return !

During the completion of the report, when A. was handcuffed like the last of the terrorists behind bars, he was told that he was under arrest. Did not understand about what (and really knew nothing about what). The Arab who threw the shoe also arrived at the station, she talked to the policeman in Arabic so that he would not understand and everything she says the policeman writes, without trying at all to find out if she is lying or not.

Now listen carefully! The most humiliating part was, when at the end of the Arab policeman’s shift, before he went home he went to A ‘and said to him:’ Do not think that only you have Zionism, this land is ours and I will fight for it until its last grain ‘. This is what a policeman in the Israel Police says, instead of representing the State of Israel and its laws, he acts like a fifth column, in the police.

Now listen to the great absurdity. A. is taken for questioning, after the investigator hears the things and looks at the videos he himself says out loud that he is ashamed of the police behavior and does not understand why the incident developed to such dimensions, why they did not resolve it with speech and composure and honestly used violence and adds that he has no doubt that A should be released to his wife and children (who until now has no idea where he disappeared!), he takes off his handcuffs and goes to talk to the officer. After several hours of helplessness and uncertainty and waiting for the decision of the shift officer, the investigator returns and tells him that he is very sorry, but contrary to what he estimated, it was decided to send him to detention until the end of the proceedings at Kishon Detention Center.

Roe vs. Wade

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