This Video Of AOC Should Terrify All Americans

by Phil Schneider

Racial justice, gender justice, and economic justice. These are the 3 terms that “The Squad” throws around as there rallying cry for the policies they promote day and night. What does this truly mean?

It means that “The Squad” wants the Federal Government to give hundreds of millions of dollars to black people because they are black. It means that they want the Federal Government to give millions of dollars to minorities because they are minorities. It means that they want the Federal Government to fund gender studies to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in order to promote the destruction of the family unit.

This is where US taxpayer funds are being hijacked for. They are being grabbed in order to promote non-American ideals such as handouts for non-working people purely based on race and gender.

Is American really about freedom for all to claim that they are an oppressed African American transgender and then be entitled to the maximum amount of handouts? What ever happened to the idea of success based on merit and not based on race or gender? “The Squad” is so out of touch with most of America today, but they are indeed elected members of Congress. If the Democrat Party continues down this path, the Republicans will walk into a super majority in Congress that will make it impossible for Joe Biden to do anything but implement policies of the Republican-led Congress.

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