Arab Muslims Publicize Illegal Display of Force on Social Media

by Leah Rosenberg

All these guns and weapons are illegal. Yet, these Arab Muslims have no problem publicizing the fact that they have them.

Arab Muslims Publicize Display of Illegal Weapons

This is not just about individuals – this is an organized group. These Arab Muslims do not only terrorize Jews, but they terrorize their own as well. The crime within their own community against each other is out of control. This problem has grown year by year because the progressive elites have neutered Israel’s police and justice system which tolerates their violent ways with little to no punishment for their illegal ways.

The progressives ignore the fact that the growing violence is not because of poverty – these Arab Muslim mafia gangs are the richest of the rich in Arab society. Their violence is because of their disdain and hatred for the Jewish state of Israel. They do not respect the state. They want to replace the state. Instead of dealing with this root cause of their violence, it is ignored, which allows them to get away with their violence not only against Jews but also against their fellow Arabs.

Here is some more about the Arab Muslim violence:

Big tech Hypocrisy
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