Arab Muslim Israeli Political Leader Drops Bombshell After Elections

by Avi Abelow

Ahmad Tibi, one of the leaders of the Joint Arab list, had the audacity to tell the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, that the land of Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews. He told him that the Arab Muslims who are the indigenous population. This is a man the leftist media is excited about potentially joining the Israeli government and supporting Blue & White leader Benny Gantz as Prime Minister of Israel in order to topple PM Netanyahu.

Meet Ahmad Tibi

Where is the outrage? This is what a leader of a political party tells the President of Israel? Yet people think that this Joint Arab party should be included in the Israeli government? Ahmad Tibi is a major supporter of terror. Just last year he publicly praised Maran Barghouti, the leader of Yassar Arafat’s Tanzim terror group, who is currently serving 5 life sentences in an Israeli prison for being responsible for terror attacks that murdered innocent Israelis. When reading the major press the last two days, it looks like Tibi is a person who journalists and thought leaders are excited to have sit in Israel’s government! Not only is that a disgrace, but it is a mark of shame on Israel’s Supreme Court that allows him to sit in Israel’s Parliament even though it is blatantly against Israeli law!

Tibi is spreading one of the biggest lies about Israel. Jews have been in this land continuously for thousands of years, even though most of our people were exiled first by the Babylonians and then by the Romans.

As for the Arab Muslims in our land, first of all, the first Arab Muslims arrived in the land of Israel with the Muslim conquest in the 7th century, thousands of years after the Jews were already here. Second of all, most of the Arab Muslims immigrated to Israel at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century because there was no work in other areas of the Ottoman Empire, but there was work in the land of Israel because the Jews were building up the land!

As Uri Pilochowski expresses so perfectly on his facebook page:

“I have never seen Jews act so naive as the celebration over the Anti-Zionist Joint List having recommended Benny Gantz for Prime Minister. Besides the fact that these Jews don’t understand that this party hasn’t said they will join his government, the leaders of this party have stated multiple times that they don’t want a Jewish Israel but an Arab Palestine.

If anyone thinks that the recommendation of Gantz is anything but a choice to take revenge against Netanyahu and to cause chaos so as to hasten Israel’s downfall, you do not understand anything about Israeli Arab leader’s goals. It displays an ignorance bordering on projecting.”

“Israeli Arabs are not America’s Latinos or African Americans struggling to overcome systematic racism to improve their nation. Their leaders and many of their followers regularly call for Zionism’s annihilation and the Jewish nature of the state to be erased.

“Before you call me a racist, please read my words carefully. I am not saying that all or even most Arabs feel this way (I have no idea and neither does anyone reading this). I am referring to their leadership. Many Israeli Arabs don’t even vote for these morally corrupt politicians.”

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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