Arab Muslim Israeli Politician Ahmad Tibi Praises Terrorists and Suicide Bombers

by Avi Abelow

Meet Ahmad Tibi. He used to be an advisor to arch-terrorist Yassar Arafat and then became a leader of an Israeli Arab political party.

Tibi is allowed to serve in Israel’s parliament and yet people around the world call Israel an apartheid state? Not only does he not support Israel, he openly supports murdering innocent Israelis and destroying Israel! He should be forbidden from sitting in Israel’s parliament! He does not care about helping the Arab Muslims who are Israeli citizens! He only cares about destroying Israel.

This video is from 2012 when Israeli-Arab MP Ahmad Tibi spoke at an official Palestinian Authority ceremony:

“In the history of nations and their struggles, the Shahid (Martyr) holds the height of glory. There is no higher value than Shahada (Death for Allah). It is the Shahid (Martyr) who opens the path, and with his blood draws the path to liberty and freedom. The Shahid is the symbol of the homeland… Blessings to the thousands of Shahids in the homeland and in exile. Blessings to our and to your Shahids inside the Green-Line (Israel), those who the occupier wanted to be called terrorists, and we say that there is nothing loftier than those who died for the homeland.” [PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2011]

Note: In Islam, the term “Shahid” refers to a person who dies for Allah. In the PA, the term is used to describe terrorists who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israel, including suicide bombers. The term can also refer to innocent Palestinians that are killed during Israeli military actions against terrorists.

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