Arab Money Influencing US Schools Now Uncovered

by Micha Gefen

It has long been known that Qatar, sitting on 10 trillion dollars worth of gas and oil reserves has been busy distributing Jew hatred to the Muslim world.

What is not known is that Qatar is also behind trying to influence the US media and populace to hate Israel. Furthermore they are funding K-12 education that promotes Islam, Jew hatred, and anti-US educational curriculum.

In 2019, California attempted to introduce curriculum that was antisemitic. This proposition was funded by Qatar. Protests by the Jewish community halted the proposition.

Qatar has given close to 1.5 billion dollars to universities in the US. Talk about buying influence in the US. Qatar cleverly uses “mutual understanding” programs in universities to promote their brand of Islam, which ultimately trains K-12 teachers in order to promote Islam to young people.

With this sort of influence and money, can Qatar be stopped?

Col. Kemp

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