AOC has said shocking things, but THIS is just unforgivable

by Phil Schneider

Are there actually congresswomen today who support violent riots against the State of Israel? The answer is unfortunately yes. AOC qualifies her support of the violence by saying that the protesters have no choice but to riot. Again? They have no choice? What about the choice to not riot?

Are the Arabs in Gaza truly a million caged in Arabs who have no choice to riot? Let’s look at the facts.

Not One Jew in the Gaza Strip

Since the summer of 2005, not one Jew has lived in the Gaza Strip. Israel unilaterally moved out of the Gaza Strip and removed all 8,000+ Jews from the Gaza Strip in order to “give peace a chance.” The Arabs in Gaza have complete self-determination. They had a vote and voted in the Hamas government. The Hamas government has two over-arching goals. Preserve their own power in the region and fight to destroy the State of Israel.

Despite this harsh reality, Israel still sends in loads of supplies via tens of trucks that go into the Gaza Strip every day. The world and Israel send millions of dollars every month into the Gaza Strip. But the corrupt leadership hordes the money to build themselves castles. And with the rest of the money, they finance the building of a massive terror tunnel infrastructure with enormous amounts of cement. This is done by choice – by the leadership and the masses in the Gaza Strip. They can choose to NOT build terror tunnels and to NOT build castles. They can choose to NOT have violent riots and NOT attempt to invade Israel. But they choose otherwise.

AOC is not merely wrong. She is clueless and represents the young and up and coming progressive leftists who spout based on feelings and predictable policy viewpoints that leftists spout in a knee-jerk manner.


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