Antisemitism in NYC is so bad, demonstrators call for a state of emergency

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism in NYC has risen drastically. Attacks and assaults have become the norm. People are scared to walk in the streets.

Antisemitism in NYC

Antisemitism in NYC is not just bad, it is horrific. Just this year alone, antisemitism has increased by more than 60%! Holocaust survivors are scared to walk in the streets. Can you imagine? The Holocaust was not so long ago. Survivors lived through the worst atrocities. And now they have to fear living in America, too? That should bring everyone to tears. What happened to the promise of “Never Again?” It is truly a state of emergency. It is truly a crisis when attacks are happening constantly.

Everyone Can Fight Antisemitism

You don’t need to be Jewish to fight antisemitism. Fighting against hate is the moral thing to do. Fighting against those who are bringing America down is the ONLY thing to do! America is supposed to be a country where everyone can enjoy freedom of religion. It is supposed to be a country where no one has to fear being attacked as they walk in the streets proudly wearing their religion.

Hopefully, this rally will be the last one needed to get the attention of those in a position to bring about a real change.

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