Antifa Calls to Obliterate the Jewish People at a Pro-Israel Rally in Melbourne

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s not just in Melbourne or in Europe. And it’s not just in America. Antisemitism has been raging throughout the entire world.

The Antisemitism in Melbourne – and Everywhere

This type of event is not unique just to Melbourne. Throughout the world, Jews have held peaceful, pro-Israel rallies. The Jewish people have called for peace among all people.

And then you have groups like Antifa who come to destroy and call for the annihilation of the Jewish nation and the Jewish state. They chant “From the river to the sea, ‘Palestine’ will be free.” What does that mean? That means they want Israel wiped off the map – with the Jewish people. It is one of the most antisemitic things one can chant.

The “other side” – all those protesting against the Jewish state – are people who call for murder and genocide. They are people who support ISIS, as is shown in the video. It is insanity, and yet, there are still people in the world who stand against Israel without having a clue as to what they are standing against and who they are choosing to stand WITH.

Antisemitism is growing. And it’s time the world stands with the Jewish people against the hate. The Jewish people always stand up for minorities and for justice. Where are those minorities now standing up for the Jews?

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