Anti-Israel Activist Said the Most Absurd Thing When Faced with the Truth

by Leah Rosenberg

What happens when an anti-Israel activist is confronted with the truth by an Israeli Arab? This is almost humorous.

The Ridiculous Comment of an Anti-Israel Activist

Meet Yoseph Haddad. He is an Israeli Arab who has dedicated his life to spreading the truth about the Jewish state of Israel. Yes, he is an ARAB, and he loves Israel. So, what happens when he confronted an anti-Israel activist in London? The activist claimed that Haddad could not possibly be an Arab! This just shows that these anti-Israel activists have no claims against Israel. When confronted with the truth, their rebuttal shows that they are speechless. They have nothing to say. When Arabs shut them down with the facts about Israel, they just can’t manage to listen. And so they say, “you are not an Arab.”

It is so ridiculous that it is humorous. How can you not laugh at their absurd claims?

Israel clearly is a free and democratic state. Israel clearly gives Arabs opportunities and freedoms that other countries in the Middle East do not provide. People who are against Israel cannot accept that fact so much so that they have to say Yoseph Haddad is not an Arab. Indeed he is. And indeed he is proud to be Israeli.

Haddad is not the only Arab who defends Israel and shares the truth. There are many like him. People can come to Israel and see the truth for themselves. It won’t take long to realize that all those who are anti-Israel are spreading complete lies about the one and only Jewish state in the world.

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