The Real Reason Russia is Invading Ukraine

by Phil Schneider

Russia and Ukraine are neighboring countries that have a complex history with borders moving around nearly every few decades – for hundreds of years. Ukraine is not a new country, even though it only recently became independent of the Soviet Union – in 1991. Their were Ukrainians before World War II and Ukrainians after World War II. But they were in back of the Iron Curtain. So, the Ukraine is often viewed as a subset of Russia. But that is an oversimplification of what is a much more complex situation.

The Ukraine is known for having excellent earth, which allows it to be an excellent place to plant wheat and other grains. It is properly labeled the”breadbasket” of the region. This blessing though, along with other natural resources that exist in the Ukraine in abundance have been one of the causes that neighboring countries have cast their eyes on conquering Ukraine.

In World War II, first it was the Soviet Union that grabbed as much of Poland and Ukraine in the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. But less than 2 years later, Germany promptly broke the agreement and invaded the Soviet Union. What ensued was the largest battle in modern history. More people were killed in the German / Russian battle that became known as Barbarossa. The place where the battles began were Eastern Poland and the Ukraine.

Putin is probably not representing more than a small amount of Russians when he invades Ukraine. But Russia is not a true democracy. Any country who’s opposition leaders tend to become poisoned is not exactly a thriving democracy. The fallout from this invasion will be massive for Russia and the Ukraine. But first off, we need to understand some of the root causes of the invasion. This video certainly sheds light on the checkered history of the Ukraine.

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