An Israeli Arab Put the Media in its Place Over Israeli-Arab Conflict

by Leah Rosenberg

The media lies – not only about Israel, but they tend to exaggerate, twist the truth, or just flat out leave out the facts.

The Media is Wrong about the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Yoseph Haddad is trying to change the Middle East; trying to BETTER the Middle East. And he has really made a difference so far. As an Israeli Arab, he has made it his duty to show the world the truth about Israel. Because the problem is that many people don’t know the truth – thanks to the media. The media has completely neglected reality and truth in order to get clicks and likes; in order to make money. An Israeli Arab himself is telling you that!

Haddad is there to put the media in its place – to prove them wrong. So wrong. As an Israeli Arab, he knows if he is experiencing apartheid or oppression. And he most definitely is not. He is a proud Israeli Arab. Haddad knows that the Jewish state offers the same opportunities to Arabs as it does to Jews. As he pointed out in the video, Arabs are successful in Israel – sometimes even more successful than their Jewish counterparts. The statistics quoted in the video are not a matter of opinion but a matter of fact.

So the next time you turn on the news, don’t believe everything they tell you. The world needs to realize that sadly, news sources do not necessarily share the truth. The world needs to dig a little deeper for the facts.

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