Iranian Ships Destroyed in “Mysterious Incident”

by Avi Abelow

Another mysterious clandestine attack on Iran. This time seven ships were destroyed by fire in an Iranian port.

Iranian state television IRIB reported that an extensive fire engulfed Delvar Kashti Bushehr boat factory,” with thick smoke covering the area south of Bushehr city.

The cause is still not clear, but it is just the latest in a series of mysterious “incidents” in Iran in recent weeks.

Other recent “incidents” include an explosion on July 2 in Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. A week before that, there was a large blast near Tehran, apparently caused by an explosion at the Parchin military complex, which defense analysts believe holds an underground tunnel system and missile production facility.

These various incidents have led to Iranian speculation about a campaign of sabotage by “foreign powers”.

This isn’t the first time. In 2010, a computer virus attacked the machinery at the Natanz nuclear power plant, and all fingers were pointed towards a possible United States-Israel joint operation.

Considering Israel stopped a dangerous Iranian cyber attack on Israel’s water infrastructure back in April, it is not hard to imagine Israel conducting clandestine activities against Iran now in retaliation.

Israeli TV reports have said that one of the recent blasts destroyed an Iranian laboratory where they were developing faster centrifuges. The blast set back the Iranian nuclear program by one or two years.

Again, nobody knows who or what is responsible for the recent “incidents” in Iran. All we can say, is keep them coming. And thank you. 

The world, and Iran, will be a more peaceful place when the Islamic regime of Iran no longer has the capabilities to terrorize the world, including her own citizens.

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