You’re about to see one of God’s most evident miracles

by Leah Rosenberg

That moment. Can you imagine if you witnessed it yourself? If you were in Israel when it happened? The Six Day War was miraculous. Especially this moment.

The Six Day War

As seen and told in this video, it was impossible not to feel G-d’s presence during the Six Day War. It was impossible not to recognize the miracles. The whole world witnessed it. Perhaps the most poignant comment was the point made that the State of Israel was born just 3 years after Auschwitz, but the soul of the State of Israel was born 19 years later in 1967.

It is chilling seeing the footage of recapturing the Old City of Jerusalem. After all the other miracles, regaining control over Jerusalem was another gift from G-d.

People talk about miracles that occurred in Biblical times and in the times of the great sages before us, but we must recognize that miracles take place all the time now as well.

Never Stop Thanking G-d

We have to continue thanking G-d, year after year, day after day, for the unbelievable miracles of 1967. We have to thank Him that Jerusalem came back into Jewish hands. You can never thank G-d too much.

Amazing job by the leadership of the Los Angeles communities. May we all celebrate in Jerusalem with all of the Jewish people when the Temple is rebuilt.

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