Leftist Anarchy Hits Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Leftist anarchy hits the streets of Israel again, this time with the copycat graffiti and violent protests against PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Copying the black Lives Matter messages on the streets of US cities, here we have “apartheid” messages on the streets of our capital, Jerusalem.

Thankfully, we have good people, like this girl, who are voluntarily cleaning up this anti-ISRAEL graffiti. If you noticed, we blurred her face in the video. You might ask why? Well, we have powerful leftist forces in our legal establishment in Israel as well. So we are protecting the good guys from possibly getting identified and arrested for covering up the illegal graffiti of the bad guys.

So sad that in both the US & Israel, we have to be wary of municipal and legal officials who prefer abusing their power to pursue their ideological leftist agenda instead of actually upholding law, justice and stopping the true law breakers on the left.

I have been vocal in warning about this since the leftist Marxist Black Lives Matter anarchy began to hit the streets of America and then Europe, together with antifa.

Now this leftist craziness is here in Israel. 

However, this is actually all a good sign, in a crazy way, because it is the left going crazy that they are losing power. That is ultimately what we are witnessing. Some of them are vocal in saying that “we”, the religious-right, have stolen the country away from them. Besides it being an absurd comment in a democracy, it highlights the actual reason for them breaking all the cultural norms of a democracy, values that they preach to uphold!

While it is sad and painful to witness, with much injustice to still swallow from leftists abusing their power, with the backing of the mainstream media, it is ultimately a sign of the left’s demise. And that is good.

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