Another Day – More Rockets On Israel’s North

by David Mark

Hezbollah continues to launch volleys of rockets at Israel’s North. Today’s rockets hit as far south as Safed, causing a fire to break out in the northern city.

So far today rockets have hit the Golan and the Galil sending residents fleeing into shelters. Despite the increased rate of attacks, the government has yet to decide to widen its war with Hezbollah, appearing inclined to wait until the Gaza campaign is on a low flame.

15 fires alone have been sparked from today’s launches. This is on top of the mass destruction already incurred from fires days ago that were a result of a bombardment from Hezbollah.

A Hezballah source claimed in a conversation with Al Jazeera that his organization’s attack against Israel today (Thursday) is the largest since October 8th and was aimed at deterring Israel as a response to the assassination of Taleb Abdullah.

“We attacked 15 Israeli military outposts at once in the Galilee and the Golan, we used 30 drones,” the source claimed.

With the hostage deal (if there ever was one) collapsing and the IDF in the middle of clearing out Rafah, Hezbollah appears poised to push its line of attack ever southward. Netanyahu can no longer complain about the left holding him back – in order to tackle Lebanon – Gaza must be finished and finished now.

A sovereign country cannot remain sovereign by ceding territory. The northern Galil is quickly becoming a no man’s land and this line will only move southward.

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