The Song That Nailed it on What the Jewish People Are All About

by Leah Rosenberg

This is what the Jewish people are all about. Our enemies spread hate, we spread love. They spread darkness, we spread light.

What the Jewish People Are All About

The media and some of the world might want you to believe that Jews are evil. They might want you to think that we are filled with hate and want to murder “innocent” people. But the truth is, the people of Israel are full of light and love. That is really what the Jewish people are all about. When our enemies spread hate and darkness, we “pour on the light,” as this song says. We try to fill the world with more kindness. The Jewish nation is a nation of peace. We value morals and life. We are literally the opposite of our enemies.

For those who can’t see the truth, shame on them. It is so clear. You can even tell by the type of music that the Jewish people produce vs. the music that a terror group like Hamas produces. Our music is about spreading light, and theirs is about death and killing Jews. Do you need more proof than just that small example? Wake up! Don’t be so blind to the truth.

Those who stand against Israel will pay a price for their evil ways. It’s only a matter of time. If you stand with G-d’s people, you are standing with good. If you stand against G-d’s people, you are siding with evil. The choice should be very obvious. Choose wisely.

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