An Exclusive Rare Look at Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System

by Leah Rosenberg

The Iron Dome has helped save thousands of Israeli lives. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at this amazing technology.

The Iron Dome

Israel has defense systems, its enemies have missile launchers. The entire issue can be summed up by just knowing that. Israel’s enemies are constantly trying to attack and destroy the one and only Jewish state, and Israel tries to defend itself. It invests its resources in defense systems like the Iron Dome because Israel values life. Jews value life and will do anything to save lives. Israel’s enemies? They will do anything to kill Jews – even if it means putting the lives of their own people in danger.

The Iron Dome is an amazing system. G-d has blessed Israel with the technological capabilities to develop a piece of equipment that has saved countless Israeli lives. There is a reason that Israel has been nicknamed the “Innovation Nation!”

Funding of the Defense System

The Iron Dome system is extremely expensive. The US has helped fund this defense system. What is absolutely insane is that there are some Democrats who do NOT support the funding of this equipment that is required to help save Israeli lives. Why? Because they hate Israel. There is no other reason. This piece of equipment is not a murder machine, like Israel’s enemies have. It is not a machine that fires rockets at others or digs tunnels underground. It is purely a defense system.

As Erik Stakelbeck pointed out in this video, Israel helps America too. The anti-missile technology that Israel has can help protect American personnel in the region as well. The US-Israel relationship is not just about America helping Israel. It is a two-way relationship.

And the most important thing that Stakelbeck said is that the real Iron Dome of Israel is G-d. He protects the Jewish people. He is the reason Israel has survived and thrived.


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