The Best Response to When People Say Jews Can’t Live in Judea and Samaria

by Phil Schneider

Political correctness sounds like a kind way of caring about other people’s feelings. In truth, it is a veneer for radical progressive attitudes that attack certain people unfairly. Political correctness has been the shield behind which anti-Israel attitudes fester without fearing of being exposed for what it truly is – a radical agenda.

For example, it is politically correct to say that Jews are insensitive to the rights of the so-called “Palestinians.” It is even considered politically correct to say that the Palestinians deserve their own state. Both of these statements seem to display sensitivity to the rights of all people. However, what lies underneath all of this is a gross hatred of Jews – all Jews – with the most illiberal attitudes imaginable.

Those who support the rights of the so-called”Palestinians” also support kicking all Jews out of the part of the Land of Israel that hundreds of thousands of Jews live in. They think it is stolen land. This is one big fat lie. Not only have Israelis not stolen any Arab land, the Arabs who have come to live in the Land of Israel are only here BECAUSE of the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. The land was 95% empty for nearly two thousand years. There was a smattering of Jews who returned to live here over the centuries. And they lived under difficult conditions under the Turks, Byzantines, Crusaders, etc…But the Arabs lived in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and other areas – not the Land of Israel.

Everything about the argument that claims that the Land of Israel is Arab Land is one big lie that is repeated endlessly. But it is based on nothing but pure hatred of the Jewish people. That is why the argument also includes kicking out the Jews from parts of the Land of Israel. It’s time to lift the veil off of the big lie that is the cause called “Palestine.”

Col. Kemp

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