America Is On The Run After Afghanistan

by David Mark

No moment in our generation will be seen as defining as the fall of Kabul in the summer of 2021. It marks the end of one empire and the start of another.

The USA staked everything over control of Afghanistan. However, after trillions of dollars spent, thousands of USA army dead, and 20 years occupying a distant land, America fled Afghanistan – leaving the country in control of Islamist militants – the same ones they supposedly routed after the attack on the World Trade Center.

The real story here is not America leaving Afghanistan. The US Military had stayed way beyond what would have been deemed comfortable. The real story is how they left and who was behind it.

As America began to pull back troops from Afghanistan the Chinese Communist Party cut a deal with the Taliban. They would receive funding and support if the militant organization would stay out of the Uiygur-China conflict.

With the deal cut, the CCP had their tool that enabled them to drive America out of Afghanistan and reinstate the Taliban. On an optics level there is nothing worse for America. On a logistics level – a complete disaster. The Taliban not only took control of Afghanistan in a rapid manner – they collected more than 100 million dollars of state of the art military equipment.

The CCP is now in the driver’s seat. If they learn from Russia and America and actually stay out of Afghanistan, they will be able to isolate their foes like India and bolster their relationship with Iran even more.

This summer will be seen as the beginning of the end of unlimited American influence around the world. After all, the dragon has risen and he is not about to stop just yet.

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