AIPAC joins Israel for this incredible song

by Chaya Cikk

AIPAC, an American lobbying group that advocated for Israel join Israeli citizens and sing this incredible song. These people have a connection and it brought them together in unity and this is the result.

Jewish Unity

The Jewish People have a strong sense of unity. No matter where they are in the world they all feel connected. It might be a spiritual connection, which one might find hard to explain. Or a connection through our history, knowing we’ve suffered together and been through unspeakable things. Jews have been united through thick and thin, we’ve come together in good times and bad. Or even our connection to the land of Israel brings us together.

Much of the history of the Jewish people happened in the land of Israel. Stories from the Bible happened here, stories about Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, David, Solomon. The Temples were built here, the Western Wall which is still standing is in Israel. Consequently, this strengthens the connection we have not only to the land but to each other.

As a result of the Jewish people being one big happy family, we like to play a game called Jewish geography. Where we try and find someone we know in common with a friend we just met. Every Jew knows someone who knows someone who lives where you do. It is amazing how there is a connection to every Jew.

America is almost the other side of the world from Israel. But that does not stop them from coming together in unity to sing together. It just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, your heart is in Israel.

Above all the commandment in the Bible to love one’s fellow Jew is shown by the unity the Jewish people, whether in good times or bad. We are one big family, whether living in Israel, Australia, America, England or anywhere else there is a connection.

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