An Imam tells the world how to beat Jihad

by Leah Rosenberg

How often do you hear an Imam telling the world how to beat Jihad? Well Mohamad Tawhidi is one of those brave Muslims who is willing to speak out!

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi is a moderate Muslim. He speaks out against his own religion when it is necessary. The radicals are ruining the world, and our leaders are allowing it to happen. Tawhidi is not afraid to address the issues at hand. He does not beat around the bush – he just says it like it is.

This imam is peaceful, yet he has been thrown off of Facebook. He is peaceful, yet people want to ban him. Tawhidi speaks the truth and is silenced by those who do not want to admit the truth. But he keeps speaking up. The truth is just too important.

Beating Jihad

So, how do we beat Islamic Jihad? How can we stop terrorism from taking over? Imam Tawhidi gives his thoughts. He knows the ins and outs of Islam. He understands it. For that reason alone, the world should listen up.

Mohamad Tawhid responds perfectly to the CBN interviewer’s question: “Well your question is do we know how to fight this battle? Of course we know how to fight this battle. But are we prepared to take on this battle? We can fight this battle, and it’s very easy. We deport every extremist Imam in the country. We cancel visas of people coming in from Iran and Saudi Arabia to preach hatred in this coming month of Ramadan to the West. And we stop the construction of new mosques without vetting the people behind them. And stop foreign funding from Islamist countries.” Tawhid says that political correctness is killing our world already. The leaders of the West need to stop being afraid and start being prepared.

High Holidays

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