Advisor to WEF Director Klaus Schwab Behind Coup in Israel

by Avi Abelow

Yuval Harari is a History Professor, author and advisor to Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum. He is also one of the major forces behind the coup taking place in Israel right now, in the name of stopping the judicial reform.

Harari has spoken at many of the judicial reform protests and is a frequent guest on television programs in Israel and abroad explaining the importance of the protest against the judicial reform.

Working hand in hand with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Harari also happens to be one of the ideological minds behind using the global covid situation to allow governments, including democracies, to more easily control citizens. They call it the great reset.

Harari has consistently spoken about how covid ushered in the emerging ability to HACK Human Beings for governments to completely manipulate them.” How covid ushered in the ability to have “human Surveillance go under our skin.”

Mr. Harari also stars in my Pulse of Israel video below highlighting what world leaders are planning on doing to all of us. This is not a guy who cares about the rights of any of us, right or left, religious or secular.

Harari is the last person anyone should be listening to about fighting for rights, human rights, and against the Israeli government or the judicial reform that Israel’s current government is trying to implement. If WEF advisor Yuval Harari is so adamant against the judicial reform in Israel it must be good!

I can’t think of any better proof that this government must pass the judicial reform.

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