It’s Not a Protest. It’s a Coup

by Avi Abelow

The three-month-plus protest movement against the very necessary and just judicial reform has succeeded in stopping the judicial reform, for now. More and more information is coming out proving that the judicial reform is not the actual target of the protest movement. Rather, it is a political coup to overthrow this historic right-wing, religious government.

As this tweet puts it, it’s an “organized insurrection in Israel”. All one has to do is listen to former IDF General, former Prime Minister and one of the leaders of today’s political coup, Ehud Barak.

Barak says it straight out in the video. They are using a playbook for a regime change. Hence, it has nothing to do with the judicial reform. They are just manipulating the public’s emotions with lies about the controversial judicial reform to grow a public movement to overthrow this government.

Here is the thing about Barak. He has been at the forefront of trying to bring down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for years. This is not the first time he is trying to bring down a Netanyahu government.

Ehud Barak is also known as one of the biggest failures as an IDF general and as Prime Minister, in Israel’s history. The sad joke about him is that people call him Ehud Barach, meaning he ran away. That refers to the infamous incident of a serious training accident at an IDF training base called Tzailim, that he was witnessing, yet ran away from and pretended that he wasn’t present, escaping taking any responsibility for it.

Barak is also infamous for promising to give away mostly all Judea & Samaria and the Old City of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority in so-called “peace” talks with arch-terrorist Yassar Arafat, at Camp David under pressure from former US President Bill Clinton.

Ehud Barak is also infamous for being a friend and frequent guest of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Israeli media would have crucified him if he had been Netanyahu. However, since Barak is one of the leaders of the anti-Netanyahu political left, instead the Israeli media has been silent about the Epstein-Barak connection, and ignored asking any questions about it as they continuously interview him on his anti-Netanyahu stance.

Another major leader of the coup against Netanyahu and this government, in the name of stopping the judicial reform, is History Professor, author and advisor to Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, Yuval Harari. Harari has spoken at many of the protests and interviewed on TV about the protest movement.

Here is the absurdity of it all. Yuval Harari is a supporter of fascism and dictatorship for the future, thanks to the immense power and control that AI and technology will allow governments to have over citizens.

Harari also supports the technological revolution to have all human beings chipped to be surveilled by democratic governments and for all humans to be hackable, like computers, hence easily manipulated by governments.

This is a man, a guru for the elite, preaching that there is no democracy, no human rights, no nations, no G-d, no justice etc., but yet Israel’s Netanyahu government must be toppled because of a judicial reform?

After putting all the pieces together, it is clear that the protest against the judicial reform has nothing to do with the judicial reform.

Instead, it, therefore, seems that the Netanyahu government, together with the judicial reform, are an obstacle to the plans that Barak, Harari and the elite’s have to transform Israel.

I can’t think of any better proof that this government must pass the judicial reform.

Mr. Harari also stars in my Pulse of Israel video below highlighting what world leaders are planning on doing to all of us. This is not a guy who cares about the rights of any of us, right or left, religious or secular.

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