A Zionist proves an Islamist dead wrong in a must see debate 

by Leah Rosenberg

“Every single leader who supports the occupation of Palestine….” – then it went downward from there. The message then went to the point of direct physical threats on the leaders of the State of Israel. It is very important to expose those who threaten the lives of people anywhere in the world. Rather than stifling conversation, what goes on in this debate is a far better alternative.

This Islamist is not an exceptional voice. He is typical of many anti-Jewish voices that genuinely support physical violence against the leaders of the Jewish State. They say it plainly. Physical violence in order to promote political goals will never be OK.

The core of this entire debate though should be whether or not there is truth to the idea that a “Palestinian” nation exists at all as a distinct entity. Actually, this is a fiction that was invented only in the last few decades. Arabs never claimed in 1948 that they were a distinct entity that existed for generations. That began only in the early 1970’s as a tactical method to pressure the State of Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria.

So, were there actually Arabs who lived in the Land of Israel before 1948? Yes. How many? Tens of thousands were in the areas that became part of the Jewish State in 1948. A few hundred thousand total lived in cities such as Gaza, Ramallah, Hebron, and Shechem. Nearly all of these Arab cities swelled in the early 1900’s when the Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel brought job opportunities to Arabs from all over the Middle East. The Jewish community was also no matter than a few hundred thousand in the mid 1930’s. But before and after World War II, this number grew rapidly to around 600,000. But in the 19th century, and certainly in the early 19th century, there were very few Jews, very few Arabs, and very few Christians. The land was largely empty. But the idea of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who are an ancient people in the Land of Israel who were kicked out by Jews is simply untrue. The same goes for the Jewish people. Despite an age-old connection to the Land, there were no more than tens of thousands of Jews until the early 20th century. Israel was not built over any previous ancient Arab lands. Neither were the Arab cities largely built over Jewish cities. Most were built on wastelands that stood empty for thousands of years. Let the debates continue.

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